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Thread: Is it easy to replace fuel filter on 1999 Mazda 323 Protoge?

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    Is it easy to replace fuel filter on 1999 Mazda 323 Protoge?

    I understand that the fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank.
    How easy or difficult is it to replace the fuel filter?
    Does the fuel tank have to be removed or is there an access plate somewhere in the boot (trunk)?
    How long does it take to do the job?
    What parts do I need apart from the filter?

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    I guess I should have done that how-to I thought about a few years ago! It's not a filter per se, it's just a strainer on the suction side of the pump. To gain access you pull up on the front of the bottom cushion of the rear seat. Once that is free continue to pull upon the front until you can slide the rear out from under the back of the seat and remove it from the car. You will now see a squarish plate held in by four screws. Remove the plate and disconnect the electrical connector on it, then lay it out of the way. You'll see the top of the fuel tank with two lines and another electrical connector going into it. Remove all these, the pull out the screws holding the round plate in. Once that is done pull out the plate and you will have the entire fuel pump assembly in hand. The strainer is on the bottom. You can carefully pry off the washer that holds it in place and reuse it. Once that is done just reverse the steps.

    I'll attach a couple of pictures of the pump assembly after I've deleted some of the pictures in my files so you can see what I'm talking about with the strainer.

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    depends where you live. odds are the screws holding the plate for the fuel pump are rusted to shit.
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    Pictures. The one that has the screwdriver shown lifting the holding washer for the strainer doesn't show that there is a black plastic cover that hides that when you first take the pump assembly out.
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    Thanks for the info.
    I am wondering if Mazda's for Australia are different as my mechanic says that the fuel filter is scheduled for REPLACEMENT every 60,000km (40,000 miles) and should be replaced at those intervals as if they clog up the pump will cavitate and eventually break down. I would have though a replacement filter would be more that a strainer.

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    You probably have a brass colored unit that is mounted to the firewall in the engine compartment !!

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    My mechanic reckons the fuel filter is inside the tank.

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    Mazda calls it a filter, but in actuality it really isn't. Whatever the name, you should be able to see from my pictures that it is mounted to the suction side of the pump which is indeed inside the fuel tank.

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    I have now found an exploded diagram of a 323 fuel pump and it shows a low pressure filter (look like a strainer) at the base of the pump AND a high pressure filter which appears to be inside the fuel pump. Maybe its a job for my mechanic.

    Hey my mechanic told me that my Mazda 323 is one of the most reliable cars on the road - nice to know.
    He also told me though that it also is one of the only cars which does not store fault codes from sensors in the engine computer - that's not good.
    Do you know if a fault with a sensor is detected even if intermittently does the engine light come on the instrument panel and stay lit?
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